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Webcomic Recs

Here are some comics that I've read or watched, and in a few cases continue to read.

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Fandom #31: Star Trek

I really liked the Reboot of Star Trek, and was moved to look up fic almost immediately after I went to see it in the theater.  Luckily for me, there's been a lot of good fic out already; oddly, I was satisfied so quickly by the fandom that within months I was tired of looking for new stuff, so the recs here are all I'll be reading, ever (give or take a surprise).  I also have a very few fics for Deep Space Nine and the Original Series.

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Fandom #30: Axis Powers Hetalia

How could I resist such an enticing combination of history, porn and lulz?  Most of the fandom is on one solitary kinkmeme (!), but there's some longer fic and some really sweet stories to be found if you look hard enough.

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UPDATES, 2009 Roundup

It's been a heck of a year.  It's marked by two new fandoms, one of which I am still reading, and a general cessation of interest in all others.  The falling out of fandom is timely: I'll be graduating soon, and hopefully I will be far too busy with Real Life to spend hours a day surfing for fic.  Well, here's the roundup of fics in old fandoms; I'll add the new fandom Star Trek Reboot in its own comment, and update my active fandom Hetalia another time.

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Fandom #29: Due South

How could I pass up a fandom like Due South?  I haven't watched more than a few episodes, but someday I'll have enough downtime to settle in with the boxset, and *then*... Well, until then, this will be a relatively small fandom for me, but it still warrants its own post.

Anyway, these are mostly slash recs, but occasionally Stella, Elaine or Frannie do get lucky.

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Fandom #28: The DCU

 Jen-in-Japan single-handedly brought me into the DCU fandom in July, and Te's keeping me there; I love every minute of it. I don't have a ton of *different* recs; what I have are ways to find other rec pages, or sift through a particular author.

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